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06 July 2014 @ 06:45 pm
couple: balerie | drabble one  
drink: i’ll write our characters drinking together.

character(s): Valerie Hale, Blake Lawson

Blake was tired of being cooped up in his dorm room and since he did not feel like finishing up his own personal stash of alcohol, he decided to hit up one of the local bars off campus.

"Hey? Can I get a scotch and soda?" He smiled briefly until the bartender asked for his ID. He wasted no time in compelling the guy into believing that he had already shown it to him before. He smiled smugly to himself as he got handed his drink.

"It must be nice, huh?"

"What?" His eyes were only focused on his drink. Once he got it, he took a quick sip from it before he sat down at the bar. It seemed that he had already forgotten that someone had asked him a question.


He let out a deep chuckle before glancing over to the person. “Oh? Well if it isn’t the lovely miss Valerie Hale?” He smiled genuinely at her. “What are you doing here?”

She returned his smile and gestured towards her drink. “Same as you I guess. Drinking.”

He nodded and then took a long swig of his glass. “Alone? Where’s your friends?”

She shrugged and then finished the rest of her drink in one go. “I didn’t invite them.”

"Ah, I see."

There was silence for a while before Blake turned to face her again. He slid both their glasses forward on the bar before standing up. He grabbed her hand and began pulling her towards the dance floor. He spun her around once before he pulled her closer to him.

"Blake, what are yo-"?

"Shh, let’s just dance."
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