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08 June 2014 @ 04:45 pm
couple: none | drabble one  

Title: Aaron’s Warning
Character(s): Aaron Dawson & Jackson Reed
Rating: PG
Prompt? No.
Status: New

The bell dinged loudly alerting the shop's occupants that yet another customer had entered the small cafe. A waitress, who recognized the person, grabbed a small notepad out of her front apron and made her way over. She smiled brightly even though her demeanor showed something different. She was nervous. The person in front of her just so happened to be one of the most popular guys at the academy. She cleared her throat and gripped her pencil lightly, ready to take his order.

"Hello! What can I get for you?"

He chuckled and she stared at him, eyebrows furrowed with her grip on the pencil tightened. "Uh..nothing right now. I'm just looking for a friend. I was supposed to meet him here? I don't know if you know him... Wyatt?"

She dropped her arm, her pencil and pad hanging limply in her hands. "Yeah, he's seated over there."

"Thanks! I'll..let you know if I need anything." He smiled briefly at her and headed for his friend. She grimaced and reached her hand up to move a piece of her brown hair off of her forehead. She quickly made her way back to her post, slightly embarrassed by her erratic behavior.

"Aaron! I'm over here." She watched as Aaron made his way over to his friend, Wyatt. She quietly observed the older male as he waited for his friend to take a seat at the table. He was smiling brightly, but she noticed that something seemed to be lacking from his blue eyes. She figured that it had to do something with the rumors that were currently flying around the school. She wanted to hear what exactly there were talking about so she tapped into her heightened hearing.

"Brooke? I'm going on break now."

"Hey, how are you?" Aaron asked clearly concerned. Wyatt sighed and dropped his french fry back onto his plate.

"As good as I can be." He answered with a small shrug. "I guess."

Aaron shook his head and leaned forward in his chair. "You obviously still love her, dude. Why don’t you just tell her before it’s too late?"

Wyatt scoffed and looked down. "It’s too complicated. I hurt her…You didn't see her face. I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted nothing to do with me. I just...wish that I knew why exactly she broke up with me."

"She didn't say? Look, all I’m saying is that you two should attempt to talk things over before it’s too late."

"Too late? Why do you keep saying that?"

Aaron waited a couple of seconds before continuing. "Let’s just say that someone’s been eyeing your girl."


Aaron kept his face in check and shrugged his shoulders. He reached over and stole one of Wyatt's currently abandoned fries. "Who knows?"

Wyatt smacked his hand. "You obviously do. Why didn't you ask Christina for some food when you had the chance?"

"Christina?" He seemed to have forgotten that he had met some girl. She pouted and slid down further in her booth. "Oh. You mean the pretty waitress? From the door?"

With those words, her bright smile instantly returned to her face and she did a mini happy dance in her seat. She tuned out the rest of their conversation and slid out of her booth. She gave Brooke a hug, which the older girl did not seem to appreciate, and retied her apron around her torso.

"I decided to end my break early."
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